Lanterns Premiership
 1.Lanterns 'D'86
 2.Lanterns 'A'78
 3.Lanterns 'Rhinos'50
 4.Lanterns 'Xxx'48
 5.Park Inn Sons44
 6.Drsc Dreamboys42
 8.Lanterns 'Who R Ya'27
 9.Railway Club26
Churchill Championship
 1.Lanterns 'Elite'83
 2.Drsc Young Guns71
 3.Hawkinge Hounds59
 4.Lord Morris55
 5.Churchill's Mustangs53
 6.Foco Club50
 7.Drsc Kraft48
 8.East Kent Arms31
 9.White Horse30
Metroline Division 1
 2.Churchill's Misfits85
 3.Foco Bright Sparks55
 Hawkinge Hawks55
 5.Churchill's Wanderers48
 6.Master Brewer48
 7.The Golden Arrow35
 8.Drsc All Gold32
 9.Churchill's Angels15
Lanterns Premiership Leading players
1.Barrie HughesLanterns 'A'1593.33%14
2.Paul BennettLanterns 'D'1872.22%13
3.Richard TullochLanterns 'A'1580.00%12
4.Dave GossLanterns 'Rhinos'1770.58%12
5.Harriet HaynesLanterns 'D'1866.66%12
Churchill Championship Leading players
1.Ash HindLanterns 'Elite'1586.66%13
2.Hannah BevanLanterns 'Elite'1872.22%13
Buster DringLanterns 'Elite'1872.22%13
4.Andrew WilkinsonLanterns 'Elite'1580.00%12
5.Jason AveryDrsc Young Guns1675.00%12
Metroline Division 1 Leading players
1.Si PullenNailbox1888.88%16
2.Ric PullenNailbox1770.58%12
3.Paul LockNailbox1866.66%12
Tony WarburtonNailbox1866.66%12
5.Karl FieldChurchill's Wanderers1566.66%10

Folkestone Pool League sponsored by Russell and Wheeler

Result Sheets
Make sure you put your players FULL names on the result sheet EVERY week and in block capitals
3 Man League
The fixtures for the 3 man league are available here
Individual Knockouts
Monday 20th is knockout night.
Lanterns Premiership - Singles at Lanterns Club
Churchill's Championship - Doubles at Churchill's Club
Metroline Division 1 - Captains Cup at Dover Road Social Club
Registration at 19:30 for all.
Lanterns Premiership Fixtures Matrix Matches Table
Churchill Championship Fixtures Matrix Matches Table
Metroline Division 1 Fixtures Matrix Matches Table

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