Essential Life Choices
1.Lanterns Xxx22
 Lanterns D22
3.Lanterns A22
4.Churchill's Misfits13
5.Drsc Dreamboys4
Churchill's Group
2.Churchill's Mustangs15
 Lanterns Rhinos15
5.White Horse Wasps6
Metroline Group
1.Drsc Kraft22
2.Lanterns Who R Ya17
3.Lord Morris14
4.Railway Club11
5.East Kent Arms4
Premier Taxis Group
1.Lanterns Loonies23
2.Royal Standard16
3.Golden Arrow13
4.Foco Club12
5.Drsc Misfits11
Essential Life Choices Leading players
1.Adam DanielsLanterns Xxx14
2.Harriet HaynesLanterns D13
Iain KeillerLanterns Xxx13
4.Spanky MaytumLanterns D12
5.Dave AllsoppLanterns D11
Churchill's Group Leading players
1.Dan MountainLanterns Rhinos10
Si PullenNailbox10
3.Matt BarberOddfellows10
4.Steve BruceWhite Horse Wasps10
Steve DadsonChurchill's Mustangs10
Metroline Group Leading players
1.Steve LangDrsc Kraft11
2.Elric HoweLanterns Who R Ya10
Alan MaytumLanterns Who R Ya10
4.Dave MartinDrsc Kraft10
5.Jason MayneLanterns Who R Ya9
Premier Taxis Group Leading players
1.Chris HyhamLanterns Loonies14
2.Ryan HusseyLanterns Loonies12
3.Chris LeeFoco Club11
4.Jan SpinnerLanterns Loonies10
5.Victoria JeffriesLanterns Loonies10

Folkestone Pool League Sponsored by The Nailbox

Result Sheets
Ensure you put your players FULL name on the result sheet every week and in BLOCK CAPITALS
Hawkinge Hawks have withdrawn from the league and have been removed from week 1 onwards. They have now been replaced by East Kent Arms so change your fixtures accordingly.
3 man league
The fixtures and results for the 3 man league can be found here.
Essential Life Choices Fixtures Matrix List of Matches Table
Churchill's Group Fixtures Matrix List of Matches Table
Metroline Group Fixtures Matrix List of Matches Table
Premier Taxis Group Fixtures Matrix List of Matches Table

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